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5 Things to Check Before Moving to a Condo In Makati

Hi, I'm Mike. I am a job seeker from a province. I recently applied for a job as a marketing specialist and passed the interviews. I am about to sign the job offer and will soon start to work. By the way, my company is at BGC (Bonifacio Global City) and I'm looking for a condo in Makati. It will be difficult for me if I will not stay near the place of work. The commuting from the province will not just stress me out, but will cost me a lot also. That is why I decided to look for a unit and I'm also willing to join a group just save time, money, and effort.

So, for all job seekers like me, I came up with five things to check before moving into a condo/apartment.

1. The Price

One of the major factors in considering a unit is whether the price is just right or not. There are a lot of affordable units that are ready for occupancy and there are the ones that were empty. They may offer the same price, but you have to ask yourself if it is worth it? Check also if the person offering is the owner or just an agent/caretaker. The average price for bed spacers or group ranges from Php 3000-4000. This is inclusive of water and electricity bills. You can find ad postings with price range at Just select "Properties for Rent" tab and enter your location. On the left section, there is a location, amenities, and price filters to refine your search. You can also use to find available units. Other Job seekers are also using this website to find a group to join in their hunt.

2. The Amenities

The second thing to check when looking for a condo/apartment is the amenities in the place. It would be advisable to choose a place wherein the following amenities:
  • Fully-Furnished 
  • Air-Conditioned 
  • Cooking Allowed 
  • Laundry Allowed 
  • Common Area 
  • Parking Area 

You will be lucky enough to find a group looking for all these perks in the unit. Although it will be difficult, but it's all worth it especially when these are available.

3. The Accessibility

The unit that you are going to move in must be near your place of work. It can either be a one or two ride away from the office, but as long as it is accessible, it's alright. The transportation must also be available 24/7 and must be near the terminals. This is important especially for those with shifting schedules. It must also be near the market or grocery store to get your supply and daily needs.

4. The Security

The fourth on our checklist is the place's security. Are there security guards within the area? Are there CCTVs? These are the questions you must have to make sure that you will move-in to a safe unit. You will go to work with peace of mind and no worries at all. Choose the ones that have a gate if it's an apartment.

5. The Extras

Although extras are hard to find in a rental unit. I wish you the best of luck in finding a place that has the following: 
  • WI-Fi 
  • TV 
  • Refrigerator 
  • Microwave Oven 
  • Gym 
  • Swimming Pool 
  • Washing Machine 
  • Laundry Area 
  • Cabinets and Drawers 
  • Shower with heater/cooler 
  • House-Keeping Service 
  • Garbage Collection 
The more you have these, the better! And I want to move in to a place that has all those features and amenities.

I hope you find this post, useful. Happy Hunting!
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