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The Financial Advantages of Investing in a Condo

The Financial Advantages of Investing in a Condo

The National Capital Region if compared to other regions in the Philippines seems to be the most complete and convenient place to live when it comes to considering the amenities, opportunity to work and education, and public utility access. This is the main reason why Filipinos still have the mentality that moving towards NCR will provide immediate success. While this can be true if we will base on statistics and studies, there are still other reasons that should be considered before moving to the heart of the Philippines. In fact, going after the National Capital Region may cause more damage than we thought it would. The yearly migration is one of the possible causes of the population growth in the Metro which is the partly responsible for issues regarding the unbearable traffic congestion, unemployment, pollution, and housing problems.

Regardless of the fair warning that has been stated in the previous paragraph, there are still those strong-willed people that bet on the promise of success of the metro. And thankfully, the modern housing trends have found a solution to make the curses of the Metro Manila bearable – prime location condos for sale.

Condo units can seem very costly at first glance and we have developed the idea that condos are only for those who earn an above average wage. But that is not the case today. With the tight competition going on between real estate brokers, condos for sale have been made affordable with payment arrangements and zero interest packages. Today, investing in a condo unit can provide you with financial advantages.

It’s better than renting
Getting a condo is a lot better than renting since you are getting eventual ownership of the place little by little. Plus, it gives you a sense of security knowing that not even your landlord can send you packing due to nonsensical whim.

Condo has a high resale value
Condos, especially those in the prime locations in the Philippines, have very high resale value. If ever you want to move to another condo which might be closer to your workplace or school, you can easily arrange to sell your current condo for almost the same price you got it so no harm done.

Access to amenities
Condos in prime locations have utilities that are exclusively for the tenants like pools, gazebos, or garden. Some of which you may be used to host events like birthdays or weddings for a very low price or even for free. Talk about the perks of being a condo owner.

Access to recreational places
Condos located in prime locations are really close to malls, restaurants, and other recreational spots. It will be a lot more convenient to travel to these places even with a big group.

You can easily rent out your unit
Owning multiple condo units and renting some of it will give you favorable returns. The way the real estate industry has shaped up now allows condo owner to have their units be up for rent at competitive rates.

These are just some of the financial advantages of purchasing a condo unit for sale in the Philippines. It may seem like quite an expensive investment at first but the convenience that it will provide in the long time will be worth every penny.
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